Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

Awesome game

I dunno if it was a bug but, my hp is always just..dropping for some reason. Which is crappy, but I had autoheal. Then one level, as soon as it started, my health dropped from 200 to -300 in about 2 seconds. No enemies anywhere
I dunno wtf is up with that,

realy awsome

Its pretty awsome but its not much different from the fisrt one.
Otherwise its realy good.


the only bad thingy is the damn glitch it has cuz whenever the missile or spaceship thing attack i automatical die,please fix that and it will be a great game.

its good

but something is messed up. when i load my old game i automatically die. and sometmies i take damage for no reason. i liked everything else in the game too except i had all the avilable upgrades at the time and i had to save my money unitl i had like 2 million.

that.. was.. fucking.. INSANE!!!

That was an AWESOME game man!! Everything about it was really really good. The only thing you could work on was making the stuff like the laser more useful, unless there were multiple targets next to each other it was kind of useless. Other than that, though, this game is awesome, its going into my favorites!