Reviews for "Pyromasters"

Addictive. I loved Atomic Bomberman.
(BTW, where's the sequel?)

While not the most memorable game, certainly worth checking out. I haven't even played any of the Bomberman games. Then again, I don't know if this is a direct reference to them. It's another one of those games that works so well because of how nicely it's paced. I admit that the CGI could be better, but still good. People just like explosions.

With a premise like this, it's hard to go wrong. Congrats on winning a Daily Feature with an older game. Yeah, just one year, but you'd be surprised. I like games that are so easy to understand. I was surprised the controls were stuff like "P" and "Enter" and not just spacebar.

2 easy it rocks

Love it. Its good for my type and i can use phyconemesis powers! its incredible but you have to be at level 12 for that to happen but still. Looooev it crazy throwing bombs. I hope they make a video of it on youtube cuz ppl its sooo easy =D remember to subscribe on my youtube channel when you find it. also add my clip to your favs rate me on this game trust me its totally radical!!

not hard

This is a great game. this ain't hard but i hate getting ko'd

cool game

you should really consider making an online lobby where random people can fight.