Reviews for "Pyromasters"

The best game!!!

One of the best games i ever played!!! Pls update thisgame cause i love it!

addictive, yet

if u could make it multiplayer with ya know servers and crap it would be alot better even though it already rocks!


a total copy-cat of Atomic Bomberman, except much poorer quality.

some sounds are a straight copy from original Atomic Bomberman. Same goes to power ups. Only shield is a different powerup.
Being inspired from something- doesn't mean making a copy or making it 80% identical to original.

The controls and speed were the main laggers that kills all the fun....

make players move faster, make bombs blow up qicker. better+ new sound effects, better graphics, level musc, more unusual, unexpected powerups (lets say- freezz- stops all players except you for short time, earthquake- shake level- making hard for players to run around... minefield - place 4 mines on the play field- kills anyone who steos on them (including kicked bomb.

Moving wall blocks- exploding bomb push the block 1 grid box.

So good effort, Props for you for AI computer platyer, good luck with new development.

ok i guess.......:D

ok i guess.....but i think the keyboard is tOo small to fit 4 players....if only you cOuld cOmpete online...that wOuld be better...and also there shOuld be cheats and a mission mOde sO that peOple whO will play this game will be mOre Occupied....:D

kickassguy idiot

well yeah he got it from bomberman its not a ripoff
get a life. 10/10 great game