Reviews for "Pyromasters"


very good i loved it!

This game is enjoyable and more modes would make..

great. Like taging with the bomb(a game of tag). Online would make this game a hit. When playing by yourself you should be able to change you controls because it is uncomfortable using enter and arrows or whatever. I like the graphics. You should be able to change the look of your pyromaster and add hats! This game should win a good multiplayer award.



you should make so u can play other people that or online

multiplayer is freakin awesome

me and my friend played this on multiplayer and it was awesome. we played it for like 3 hours.( we used to love the playstation 1 games) If you play this game, make sure to play with a friend. Please give the story in the second one videos, and a multiplayer story option. Also give it more maps and different game types, like super fast and multi-bomb and stuff.

2 thumbs up!!!

totally A okei!!! very nice strategy game!!! one of the best on line games!!! simple yet awesome!!!