Reviews for "Pyromasters"

I hate Bomberman

Just like that.

mofunzone responds:

Oh come on, Bman is the bomb (no pun intended) :P

But can't please everyone, thanks for not giving it an overall 0 at least :)

I like it

Good game. nice way to kill a few hours.

mofunzone responds:

Thanks JollyRoger.


It'd be awesome if it was online-multiplayer, and nice intro

mofunzone responds:

Yep, sequel with multiplayer is on its way :)

How very odd...

This is so very coincidental. Just the day before I saw this game posted here, I thought it would be awesome were the mofunzone folks to post their games here on NG. I was utterly amazed when I looked at the games today here on NG, and I saw this.

Anyhow, onto the review! I've been playing this game on Mofunzone for awhile now, and so it's kind of familiar to me. The graphics seem somewhat updated from when I remember playing them on MFZ (Abbreviations rule, by the way), so that's nice, and the style is like some kind of updated bomberman--cool in its own regard. Sound...meh. I didn't feel strongly either way.

Blowing shit up with bombs is an American pasttime (Just look at Iraq!), and is pretty violent, although it isn't gory or bloody or anything in this game. I liked the control scheme, except that with first control scheme, the 0 key on the keypad would have been a better choice, so you could control it all with one hand instead of having to use two.

So, fun game, most definitely. I'd like to see the Xtreme Tugboating here though--it would probably be an excellent fit for NG.

mofunzone responds:

WOW Syejir, thanks for being a fan, and for the great review!

Yeah, after a while our games usually get submitted here. There are more games coming from us to NG soon, I promised Tom personally.

X-treme Tugboating is already submitted here and did well, too. Check my profile :)

Once again, thanks for being a fan and everything else! Cheers!

it was good

Haha that was actaully pretty amusing thanks for posting it

mofunzone responds:

And thanks for playing :)