Reviews for "Pyromasters"


Atomic Bomberman is the underdog of the Bomberman games - I loved it.

Glad to see someone else share an affinity and actually translated the game to flash.


you need to make a secong, incredibly amazing, this rocks!


I love bomber man =) and to last guy erm u cant give it a zero for that reason maybe it it copied off another flash artist but not that

not quite as I remember it

I had a-bomb man, and having liked the game so much, I'm a little disapointed with this. You should have in-game music, more comfortable control options (arrows=move and space=bomb, perhaps.), and also, if you start a series of battles, you can't stop it without closing the window (unless you kill yourself alot). I hope you can make the sequel more like I remember Atomic Bomber man.

Quite good

Good, but there are some bugs. If you die from a (random placed) fire, and there is only one comp left, the game does not end.

Also a fricing MENU BUTTON/ exit button would be really good, ive restarted this game like 20times?!?