Reviews for "Pyromasters"


not as great as the super nintendo version but still fun

Nice Party Game, Endless fun with friends and fam

SUMMARY: Nice game overall. No glitches and was very fun to play with others. Even with nobody it still possed a challenge. There were no lags either and some aight colors to pick from.

NEGATIVES:Nothing except it should have different colors instead of four

SUGGESTIONS: PLEASE READ! OK I think that this game should be online with big maps that are more like open or mazilike if you know what I mean, or with random objects placed, or at least different terrain with acid or lava or something like that. Customization would be really good for the online coming up. Alowing others to make their own symbol and armor and stuff like that would be interesting. OR better yet custom maps. The editing menu could be a giant blank grid and the pieces that you select are a single square and you add them in. Maybe different weapons, like a four way bomb that shoots out four bombs in all directions, health would be good to add in there(3 hearts then you die) something like that. Oh and color. You should be able to pick alot of different colors so that each person online wouldn't look alike . Another idea for a weapon would be a detonator(good for sneak attacks) ooooooo maybe teams or capture the flag.

WOW this is too much stuff. I think I'll stop with the suggestions.

HINTS FOR PLAYERS: Try not to add so many bombs right after the other cuz that could cause a chain reaction and kill ya. Pay attention to all four sides of your pyromaster so that you don't run into a bomb aftershock. Skulls are very risky, try to stay away from those. One more thing is to maybe go into a corner that is not surrounded by other pyromasters and let them kill each other then deal with the last one urself.



when i move it freezes it sucked.

This game is very cool.

This game is very cool.
It has played during one hour every day after I learn this though there is Bonn Birman person of
just like in Japan, too.
I think that it is a best game by the acquaintance introduction.
Because I Japanese think so.

Rip Off much?

U got this off of bomberman!! I'm suprised the feds didn't bust yo ass on this one