Reviews for "Pyromasters"


that's fun !!!!!!!!


this game was impressive and the game was also challenging

pretty damn good.

the physics in this game are excellent. a good challenge. i wouldn't be surprised if they put this on the nintendo ds. it is really good.

Very good!

This was a very, very good version of bomberman. Despite the insane difficulty, (And the fact that I'm TERRIBLE at the game.) it has good level design, the AI is actually intelligent, which is great, there are plenty of powerups and level gimmicks. The last one can be a bit harrowing, however, as the game has a hideously steep learning curve. Additionally, the lack of instructions about specific powerups makes it hard to understand what one is picking up, sometimes. For example, I am still unclear how many boot-with-explosion powerups I needed to actually move the bombs, and for the longest time I thought that the clock powerup gave you more time before the room began to shrink, as opposed to affecting bomb detonation. Other than that, the game is fun, and playing for three or four games should clear up any problems about the powerup situation.

P.S. : Turning off the music and putting on "Spitfire" by Prodigy during this game gives it a nice sort of vibe, but that's just me.


So addicting!
Best level is the junkyard because you can place a bomb on the elevator and kill people far away. this works best if you have more than 3 bombs.