Reviews for "Pyromasters"

It's very interesting,cool game

Wow a game with very smart AI. It had very good graphics. It would be better if you could have more colors to select for your character OR!!! maybe a name for your character and have random names for AI that are randomly generated. I like the different iviroments that were given it gave more of a challenge than some games out there. ',,' ^^ ',,'

oh, my, god, ...I LOVE YOU!

Jinumon J05H-DA Untruth Have no idea what their talkin about THIS FREAKIN ROX!!! All hale the new god! Bomberman is a Stupid flashing screen compared to this! I was pulled away from tv by this! Not even my gf could do that! Are you Jesus?

wow man

this game is the fuckin shit man! this is by far the most unique and stylish game on newgrounds...i might not be very good at it, but its still a joy to play. the sounds r nice the voices... or watever they r,r funny and cute, just a well rounded game i dont see anything missing sept maybe a career mode and customizoble
character. i dont see y people are asking for new weapons the object of the game is to bomb ur players ......BOMB, so it should stay with just bomb, this game the greatest, straight to the top of my favs...... nice work!

very good

i think this game is kinda addictive but not much like its a good game but theres a few things un could do to make it better like make differant wepons make backgrounds music and other thing like that but anyways good job