Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

Something's left unexplained

Nice piece of work Thomas. There has to be a sequel, he'd look pretty fucked up if thats how everything ended. I'd like to see a little more of agent McCabe. One thing I want to know,

Why the hell couldn't you find a picture of Christina Uglywhore? Yes Britney's annoying singing (if that's what you wanna call it) will sooner make a guy fall dead than fall in her arms, and Christina is also like that but she's ugly too. If Britney quitted singing, i'd wanna find her address and phone number immediately. I can do more for her than Justin Fruitcake ever could.

Sorry to ramble on there but it had to be told. Again, some kick ass shit, look forward to the sequel.


Devils til I die


this movie gets so boring. all you do is click little buttons to make people speak, and you cant hear them speak anyway.pretty shit.

nice nice nice!

Thomas has done it again, with smooth looking graphics, and a great soundtrack. The plot is interesting and the "execution" humorous. I'm haging for the next installment.

That's not cool.

Dude, right when it starts to get funny/awesome..it cuts off! MORE! MORE!!

Despite ...

... Dr. Death's uncanny resemblace of Mike Myers, this has some very good possibilities. Great work!
... "Agent Kyle Manly" ... very funny.