Reviews for "BoMSearch"


Good words, time consuming and a challenge. Almost made me pass out at work, nice job!

No mute!

Pissing in boots, how do i turn off those annoying sounds!? Add a mute button!

Good Idea But...

The idea is good but found that having to click on every letter in the word was a bit tiresome. The music wasn't too bad. Just one thing though... the 'prophets' listed in the Prophets word search aren't actually prophets for the most part.

Very nice.

Really good. I am a fan of word searches. There should be a simpler way to select the words instead of clicking each individual letter.

A perfect game for wordsearch lovers!

Absolutley wonderful! The best word find game on N.G. thus far.
If you aren't already a fan of Word searches, give this flash game a go at least once and you will be hooked instantly! I was certainly hooked, I dont know why but I just love word searches! :-)