Reviews for "BoMSearch"

Good search but that Music?

I always love a good word search. I just wish there was a way to mute the game or turn off the music. But its good.


Excellent game, very relaxing and can be challenging. Only reason I gave a 9 was for the lack of a volume control or more music, because after about 6+ loops of that song it starts to get pretty damn annoying. Also because when letters are highlighted it could of been a little bit darker, other then that great game, Thank you :)

Small font.

It was a steller word search game but I had a hard time staring at the letters...

Thiis game is made to relax to.

This game is excellent on so many levels.

The music invokes almost a zen like atmosphere. The puzzles are wide in variety, with interesting words to search for.

The amount of puzzles keeps you coming back for more,, along with unlocks.

Guest puzzles and an editor? I've always had a soft spot for game editing modes.

The fact that this is just a simple word search is probably the most amazing aspect.

Kudos to you, author. You have done an amazing thing by providing an entertaining game that can be accessed at any time to get away from the hectic style of many games I've played, both flash and console. When I'm not in the mood to race, fight, or stratagize on the fly, I can come her4e and relax, all the while flexing my pattern-recognizing skills.


this wouldn't be my kind of game, but tonight was an exception. I was feeling quite ill and was trying to get my mind off of my uneasy stomach; this game was perfect for that. It does what it sets out to do in terms of creating a mind numbingly relaxing experience. I love the music as well; perfect for the game. A perfect combination of color, simplicity, and slight challenge. Stellar job.

P.S. I'm not quite sure that "Dante's Divine Comedy" and "War and Peace" should be classified as children's literature. ;-)