Reviews for "BoMSearch"

Good clean fun

It was very fun.
and the music made it rather relaxing.
I liked the option of being able to print out the word searches.
A good game.

Enjoyed it w/the exception of choosing one letter

I enjoyed it very much and yes having to chose the letters one by one is bothersome. I stilled enjoyed it. What I don't understand is that once I got out and went bacj in, it started all over again. It didn't save. Maybe I did something wrong...new at this...

fun, but...

I didn't like having to select the individual letters. Perhaps makingint a click-and-drag, would have made it more enjoyable.


I really really enjoyed this game. The only thing that really irritated me, was having to select the letters one by one, then if you accidently select a letter at the end instead of the next one and the whole thing gets erased so that you have to start over. If you changed it so that you could just click the first letter, then drag the mouse over the word, I think that would be a lot less fusterating. Other than that though, I really enjoyed this game.


I liked it but I wish we didn't have to click the individual letters