Reviews for "BoMSearch"

great game

Really good. I enjoyed it a lot. Sat and played through all the main levels. I agree about wanting to drag the mouse over the word or something rather than having to click each letter.
But it is really fun and I will most likely want to play it again.

Love the game!

Lol when you have the flu, this game is a great spacer :D

love the game

dude i love this game, so quiet so one can concetrate haha


it is fun but it could be better


Games good for crossword lovers, even the not so bright ones.They have some pretty easy ones, then more challenging. Yeah. All around "Good.".
I agree with the Kurisu-Kun. It would be much more convienent to just click-drag a highlighted bubble over the letters or click the first and last letter, and the circle would appear as user Kurisu-Kin said. Sure.