Reviews for "BoMSearch"

simple and fun

thanks for not adding a mute button so i cant listen to my own music


jp... it's a nice game to play in my downtime.. which i have a lot of as a second semester senior....

Awesome game and super soothing

Fantastic game - the music is so incredibly soothing you can practically feel the stress leaving your body. Great for the office when you need a break to get your mind off the grind. A+ I hope you'll come up with more just like it - did I mention the music is awesome?

While I do love this puzzler...

...when I got excited about finding a word and was all "OMG", i keep clicking letters out of sequence and it does get frustrating. Makes me feel all stupid like.

The music is AWESOME and the game is very crisp. Like pringles. And I like pringles.

Very nice search puzzle.

These are challenging to put. I've beaten so far Valentine, Prophet, Actionscript, Cars, and Computers. I can probably do this on such spare time maybe. You should also make more puzzle games. That would be great! I hope you do. I like this game, it's not bad.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5


This looked great, played great, nice job, it was great to create your own.