Reviews for "BoMSearch"

I love it

It is a fun game ^.^. If u like to do wordsearches.

Really not a fan of this game!!

Im not impressed by this game at all!! This game reminds me the one that we find in the news paper everyday!! It's to easy and there's not a lot of creativity when it come to the subject of the puzzle. Sorry!

Um, guys....there's an expand game button?

Very simple, cool thinking game. And there is an expand game button on the upper right above the game screen to make the whole thing (including the tiles) bigger. Peace and hope that helps everyone enjoy it more!

i like it, but the controls

it's the opposite of relaxing when i have to click on every tiny little letter box to register the word i found.
maybe consider some sort of click and drag mechanism?
or click the starting and ending letters.

otherwise, not bad.

Very chill game

Very nice, soothing, simple game. Just wish the letters could be bigger.