Reviews for "BoMSearch"

I love it

And id still be playing it fi all of a sudden Flash didnt die on me...oh well its a good game and i like it

BoMToons responds:

BOOYAH! Restart it and, if you had puzzles unlocked, they'll still be unlocked.

Very nice!

A great way to pass the time, and I loved the music! What song is it? Maybe I can download it and listen to it when I am stressed out.

a classic wordsearch

as good as it comes

Very Nice!

So soothing and addicting, I love this game. Great job!

A perfect game for wordsearch lovers!

Absolutley wonderful! The best word find game on N.G. thus far.
If you aren't already a fan of Word searches, give this flash game a go at least once and you will be hooked instantly! I was certainly hooked, I dont know why but I just love word searches! :-)