Reviews for "Frag Assault"


Really fun... but i would like 2 b able 2 have more than 1 gun.. so u can like save ur ammo and not have 2 use ur sword all the time... cuz those flamethrowers kinda ruin that.... but its fun just fine tune a lil bit

ZT responds:

Hahah, everyone seems to be getting pwned by those darned flame throwers! Thanks for playing :)

Nicely Polished!

Cool, Nice game...

ZT responds:

Thanks friend! :)

A Thoroughly Decent Beginning.

A great game with lots of potential, but some awkward problems that take the edge off it. The biggest is balance, as others have said: some enemies are just impossible to kill without grenades or guns, like the firebats. If you make the sword a little more user-friendly, and a useful weapon in all situations (ie. you don't have to take damage to kill an enemy), it would be lots of fun. Maybe a few tricks or powers might be a nice touch, bullet-time-esque things. Definitely a good grounding though.

ZT responds:

Hey, thanks for the suggestions, where were you during the beta? ;)

Awsome game!

I wish there were a two player option on this.
Also- robots n' tanks with the flame throwers are IMPOSSibLe to kill if your out of ammo and grenades...
Great JoB!-

ZT responds:

Thanks! You're able to kill every unit with your sword, btw. It's just tougher on some enemies ;)

Am i missing something?

When i start any game mode i get a gun with about 20 bullets. Once i have fired those then all i have left is my sword. And i usually die in wave 3 because i can't get near the flamethrowers.
On one occasion ive seen a shotgun drop and with that i made it to wave 6 and then i died because i ran out of ammo again.
It would be nice if you could somehow get more ammo so that you can actually frag something.

ZT responds:

Sounds like a good ol' fashioned case of bad luck! Keep trying, maybe you'll see better drops next time :)