Reviews for "Frag Assault"

This game's awesome, kill or be killed

Challenge your ability to ration ammo and dodge bullets while fraying everything in your path. Awesome game man kudos.

ZT responds:

You've definitely grasped the concept of the game. Being able to ration ammo is a huge factor in surviving the fire fights, thanks for the review! :)

to bad...

you die to fast it's just to hard and in big waves it get's lag and you can't see where you are.

ZT responds:

Hahah, sorry about that difficulty! Thanks for playing :)

Would have been great

Almost perfect, but the game is too hard for me (Yea, I know, waah waah) but if there was some kind of optional difficulty selector where you can just put it on easy mode if you suck, it would be alot more fun. as it is, I cant last more then 20 or 30 seconds. It's alot liek one of my favorite (non-flash) games, crimson land, check it out if you haven't played it.

ZT responds:

Sure, I'll give it a google. Thanks for playing, sorry about the difficulty! :)

Almost Great

It's a fun game but the lack of ammo and the range and firing rate of the flamethrower-equipped enemies make this needlessly hard.
Huge potential though. Good design job.

ZT responds:

Thanks friend! :)

Pretty good.

Only issue I have besides the lack of ammo is the flame throwing troops. Once you get sandwiched between two, you're dead.

ZT responds:

Backup a tad so they clump, then finish em off with a frag grenade, hiyah! Thanks for the review :)