Reviews for "Frag Assault"


Great game, mothatrucka.

I'm gonna go ahead and put your dick in my mouth and make you super happy.

*thumbs up*

ZT responds:

Ah, the benifits of hard work :)


Great game like the blood on the screen but like the other guy said the character is too small but other than that it is a really good game. Keep up the good work

ZT responds:

Thanks sir, we shall try :)

Pretty damn awesome!

I love this game! Only problem, ss that the character is too small! But a minor inconvenience for such a great game!

ZT responds:

Glad you liked it kind sir! :)

brilliant :D!

Very nicly done :D!
Graphics were perfect as was the sound . the controls were well done, although a little odd to get used to.

another amazingly well done flash from ZT ;)

Moar :D!

ZT responds:

*tears* <3!!


THe game itself is good, but the graphics could've been better worked and such, and the music gets annoying after a few minutes.

ZT responds:

Options > Audio > Volume 0%

Then you can just play whatever music you'd like, thanks for the review :)