Reviews for "DevilSlayer III"


Ok, I came across the fith one and had to go back to get the story. The first twos animation was a little chunky but still very good. There were some sound issues like timing was off or the background music was too high and you couldn't hear the audio. And the straight line kill wounds made me twitch but its a simple flaw anyone would be willing to over look. But Both were still very impressive and had me wanting more. When I say the improved animation in this installment I was blown away. The lack of subtitles made a few words lost on me but over all this was a massive improvement over the last two episodes. Great job, I eagerly await more from you.

Very Impressive

Gotta keep an eye on you buddy... the anime style is sick dude... luv it... very creative music and the characters are all so unique... this should have gotten further in newgrounds... top of the tops... now I gotta check your other stuff... but keep this up... p.s. also checked out the opening theme... AMAZING detail and graphics... some of the best I've seen... hopefully you can make a career out of this...

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate that. I will keep moving forward. God willing, there'll be a finale DevilSlayer IV by the end of June ;)

good but too short

sound like black people voice acting and the characters look like asians draw this 7/10

JazLyte responds:

This movie's so old, before I realized that. Go watch one of my new movies.


now this flash definately has the vest animation iv seen so far! AND YOU FIXED THE VOICE PROBLEMS!!!!! thats the biggest improvement i saw!! KEEP THESE THINGS COMMING!!!

hey you should make a prono with this animation!! lol

JazLyte responds:

heh thanks, and no.


whats up with the preloader text? It seems to get smaller every episode.