Reviews for "DevilSlayer III"

awesome shit rite here

your drawing skills keep gettin better, cool villans too. honestly can't wait for the next one!


JazLyte responds:

Thanx man! :)

Another Great one !

yet again another Great one , are you getting better and better or do I just love your work more everytime I see a new one ? !, you do know how create some amazing stuff, you'll always be in my favorites. don't delay your next one too much :) .

JazLyte responds:

Thanx! Don't worry, I won't. This one was a trip, all that doing and re-doing.

Good work.

Ive seen 1&2 and i can see you're skill is getting better i really enjoyed this keep up the good word. ^_^

JazLyte responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it ^_^

Ooooh Snap X3

Jazz is back again XD Rlly like hearing that villains complaining with the experiment lolz Your visuals are getting alot better everytime keep it up man X3

JazLyte responds:

Thanks bro, I will ^_^

it was good

my only main complaint wat that the text at the beginning was so small i almost couldnt read it but other than that i found this movie enjoyable. the animation was good the art was good and i liked the sound very. good

JazLyte responds:

Thanks, I'll probably fix that later, ya know