Reviews for "DevilSlayer III"


dude its awsome better all around ur a awsome artist that just hasnt been relized by many people yet but ull get their in no time just keep them comeing and improveing on the little things ur already one of my fav artist in newgrounds.

JazLyte responds:

thanks man ^_^

Yet another quality entry, man.

Wow, once again your skills amaze me. It may not be as long as the other two, but who gives a damn? This one is better. By making it shorter, the quality goes up, and that's what we need. Graphic wise, it was probably the best out of all of them. Style, as always, is great. The sound gets better, but remember, me and Sam are always open for voice actors if you need us. Just let us know. Wasn't much action, but what there was, was cool, if that makes sense. Pretty funny, especially that little remark on the Black Cyclops. Get your ass up here as often as you can, you're welcome pretty much anytime.

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man ^_^ And I will

Too short!

The text on the first screen needs to be bigger. I cannot read it and I do not even need glasses. The blood needs to be darker and redder. The music gave it a spiritual relaxed feel. The characters look white in this one. The one main problem was it was wayyy too short. I know you said it will be awhile before you relese the next one make it longer than this please!

JazLyte responds:

Hey, I got a life outside of flash cartooning, and with this being my last year and 1/2 of high school, I really gotta bust my butt on other things, so just bear with me, aight?


Hmm...u have a lot of talent for this. The characters were well design, and had a lot about them to make different even though a lot of em looked alike. lol The story line aint that bad, but it could use a little work, a few time i was asking myself "what the hell just happened" but i got the overall plot. Just work on the story line a little bit and he'll be good. I read the charater bio, i laughed my ass off. One of the things that kinda bugged me was how sometimes the animation was a little choppy. I really enjoy this flah over all and i hope to see more of ur work in the future.
and anyone reading this review watch this flash, plz watch it, if not ur missing out on some good anime.

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man ;) I really appreciate that

It was nice...

yeah. But c'mon, not all black people talk like that. I'm black and I don't even come close...and yes I grew up in the "ghetto". It would be nice to see a normal black character every now and then...even if they all were light-skinned.

Otherwise the movie was nice. A little more animation would have made it better though.

JazLyte responds:

I know that man, but it's all for the sake of comedy. Shoot, even though I grew up in Detroit, I have to keep a calm demeanor 'bout my speech too now that I moved to lilywhite Lansing. It's just a cartoon. Thanks for the review.

PS: They aren't all light-skinned, just Blues. When drawin' a bright scene with a lotta whites, blue and greys, color coordination is key. With more saturated reds and yellows, they can look totally different.