Reviews for "DevilSlayer III"

dont know what to say

it was weried i just have nothing to say


love the anime feel the plotline is a little jumpy maybe a scene transition? and cain looks alot like midboss/the dark adoness


Really cool animation you got there ^^ Only thing to "complain" about is that there's no sub like in the previous episodes, unless I'm the only one not seeing them, then there's no complains :D

nice job

well, stunning animation, i'll give you that. But for the voices, timing, and everything else, well, it sucked. And the whole flash was kinda dull, with the really slow music and stuff. It's supposed to be a battle sequence right?
But I think this flash overall deserves a 4-or-above score, so here ya go: 5/5

Ah you see

Better flow for the win. You keep that up your style will become a little more believable. Length is your losing factor here. The fact that you worked the script into the animation is much more an improvement than it may seem. Though Sync can be simple work you've done a good piece there. Now onto the last one thus far, To see if the future of your heroes is remotely interesting.
*Too much power personally. And it lends itself to certain other series, becoming less original. Don't expect this rat to cringe at your coy remark either. ^^