Reviews for "DevilSlayer III"

Nice work

It is an improvement from the last one as far as music and voices are concerned. A bit on the short side and the injuries do look a bit tacky but again good work.

You should work on:

Injuries.They dont even seem real.Its like you were just lazy.

JazLyte responds:

hahaha no kidding.

waaay better

the sound effects were better and the drawings were better too, a bit short though


Yep. Now if it was only longer and had more story line instead of just a cliff hanger at the end (for this episode) I'd give you a higher score. But since I've seen the improvement in your work you get a higher score.


The guy below basically...

said everything I was going to say. I want to add that you have some very impressive skills esp storywise. Animation was very smooth...