Reviews for "DevilSlayer III"


great series dude keep makin them plz

Ha... funny....

Hoorays! I really enjoyed this one. Everything got better. The style is greatly developed. I love how everything is slender and curvy. Skinny, yet with dimension and substance.
There was only one little kink I found. That was Kain's voice acting. It went from ghetto black guy trying to impersonate a white guy to a british guy. Not very consistent but I don't care. Though I think that you should stick with a british accent for Kain. If only to show the evil that used to be the greatest imperialist nation on earth. I think...

Anywho, great job. Heh heh.... Malcom X-Men. Hilarious


WTF oXrhymeczarXo have u never seen boondocks?

Nice job

finally an anime with black people in it :D


It's really improved since the last 2 chapters, especially the action sequences. That was the main thing I disliked about it before. Anyway, looks good, has a nice story line, so keep it up. :D