Reviews for "DevilSlayer III"

Well animated

Animation looked very sharp and nice. Though I haven't seen episodes I or II, the story was interesting.

I marked only a 7 in the sound category because I could tell you only had a couple voice actors (the guy and the girl) for multiple characters. Perhaps you could look into some audio editing program such as Sound Forge so you can change the sound of your voice for multiple characters.

Aside from that, it was great. 9/10

JazLyte responds:

Actually I do use audacity for Kayle and Jazz's little brother to change my voice. Thankyou though, glad you liked it. ^_^

Nice work.

Looked like TV quality animation, nice story, fun to watch. Good job.

JazLyte responds:

Glad you liked it, man. ^_^

Good flash but...

Sorry , i just couldn't finish the film... intrest went out of toilet...

White as Rice

Black? Looked white to me, not even tan a little too peachy, not bad, but i would have laughed if she said broke a$$.

JazLyte responds:

Aight, Aight, I really was trying to give the color a dull feel but if all these people are sayin' this, you' probably right. I'm on changing it right now. Thanks for the review, though! ^_^

tHis could be frontpage material

No joke, this really could be on the front page in a while;...
i really love the graphics and battle scenes..
Keep this up, and your name won't be unknown for long..

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man, I hope so! Glad you liked it. ;D