Reviews for "Obversity"

Sweet Stuffs

Actually, I found this game elsewhere, and I played it, then my mom fell in love with it, lol. She got to like level 30-ish or something. The only thing that would be better would be a desktop version, to be playable and saveable, lol but overall good game.

We have a winner!

I'm a big fan of this game. It's probably the one I've played most on Newgrounds. It's a much needed fresh take on the falling tile genre.

I guess if I were going to offer some sort of constructive criticism, it would be to make the flip button slightly larger.

Great Game

First, the guy below me is absolutely lost lol.

Second, beautiful game, nice graphics, music, and gameplay. I just enjoyed it very much, the twist fitted the game perfectly since it adds a lot of interactivity and overall fun.



This is a really, really good game. Here's the reason for my ratings.

Graphics: It's only letters really.

Style: It looks very good nad plays well, it doesn't tire as quickly as other games.

Sound: unknown, sorry I didn't have my speakers on.

Violence: There is none.

Interactivity: Not only do you get to combine letters but you are also corrected if you make an incorrect combination or repeat combinations and the main character talks to you as an entity making you feel more involved.

Humour: Was there meant to be any humour in this?

Overall well done.

You said to write down any mistakes in words or words you'd forgotten to include, well here's al ist of words I was told are not included but should be.

Ask me for a defenition of some of these words if you require them. laranarch@musician.org

it ok for most

i like until i got boared in the 2nd level of white blocks