Reviews for "Obversity"


Really fun game not to hard nor was it to repetitive. Anytime you thought you were screwed just flip a few tiles and all was good, nice job.


this is the best puzzle game I've played ....(though i don't play many puzzle games...) it was awsome!!!

Damn you Josh!

I find myself wanting to ignore my work and play Obversity all day. That and the fact that the entire office is now addicted to it.

By far one of the best games I have played in '07.


First thing to say..it seems we have began this year with puzzle/adventure games enrolling a new aspect into there criteria...ego!

Again as i said in my review of 'Paths 2' i dont agree with the unnoficial branding of games as 'The Best such and such of this year' as thats for a poll or vote or the viewers to decide, its not for people with their finger in their own ass to choose.

However that said, the 'GAME!' is good, i wouldnt put it anyway above or below 'Paths 2' becuase id rather see these two as partners than combatants, i think maybe if the two teams that created 'Paths 2' and 'Obversity' were to get together and create a partnered submission, then we could be seeing the greatest puzzle/adventure game that flash has ever created, that does however hinge on 'IF' rather than 'WHEN'.

Obversity might not offer as much complexity as 'Paths 2' as it doesnt revolve around levels, more so, a scoring a system. it does however offer a clear objective with slick styled graphics ,and the animation and SFX are both worthy of this great game.

'Obversity' may also offer more to do than 'Paths 2',
the later mentioned game may be set out in levels, and may offer more than one way to complete these said stages, but as the levels are there, structure and boundaries are created as there are some things the player has to follow to finish the level.

'Obversity' offers a heck lot more freedom to establish your own pattern as blocks fall in a random sequence, you can alter their colours any time you choose and destroy them at your will, this makes the player feel as though they are creating their own level whilst still playing the game.

Anyway ive rambled long enough, i no you guys dont like huge reviews, but artists riding on the size of their head rather than the talent of their minds just gets me rattled.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

apparently my tag of "best puzzle game of 2007" has gone over a lot of people's heads. You see... when I submitted it, it was the ONLY puzzle game of 2007...new year and all that. So it was meant to be funny.

Glaiel had the 2nd puzzle game of 2007, so his comments are just playing on the same joke. Cept his foot is in his mouth right now since Obversity has a better score...

yeah... I do have a f#$%ing ego... live with it :D


Wow this game is by far one of the best puzzle games i have ever played, its completley new to me i love the style of the game its just fantastic, keep up the good work!