Reviews for "Obversity"


A great concept! I could play this game for hours.
The graphics are nicely done, the music doesn't get irritating and the gameplay is addicting.
Great Job!


It has a simple concept, wich is to max the colors and push the button to get rid of the color. you can also switch the colors. I like the graphics and the clearing concept but like i said its simple but its fun.

An excellent game

What made it great though was that you have my Algebra teacher's last name.

Tuttle. Awesome.

Good game

"Obversity is no longet the "most addicting puzzle game of 2007", according to Glaiel." well maybe to Glaiel but i think that game sucks... neway this game is much better :D so 5/5good work with this game :D


the most addictive game scince tetris =]