Reviews for "Obversity"

Very simple! Though it gets a bit repetitive and takes too long to advance levels.

this is a nice game
nice job
it rocks


The music puts me off straight away... boring game


Interesting idea, but not a real winner in the end. What was interesting to observe, though, was how my opinion changed over time - I went from "what's this?" to "hey, this is neat" very quickly, but - ultimately - also continued to "meh, this is getting kinda boring" comparativel quickly, too.

Put more succinctly: it's fun for a while, but it doesn't hold your interest for that long (well, mine, anyway), and it doesn't have much replay value.

Of course, YMMV.


Interesting variation on a popular game mode. I really enjoyed trying it out and know i will play it often until I reach my ceiling.