Reviews for "Obversity"

Fun, but it did get old.

I agree about the slow spots when the screen is mostly clear. I would suggest either making the blocks come faster when there are less blocks; or letting the user manually add a line, either by clicking a button or perhaps by pressing the spacebar (or both).

I also found it a bit easy, meaning I got bored of playing before I ever lost, thoguh there were a few close calls. If you could think of a few more special blocks to intoduce as it when along, that would help keep things interesting too.

All-in-all a fun game though. It's always nice to see a new spin on a classic idea.

Fun game, but one suggestion...

I think you're really onto something magical here, with this puzzle game. My only gripe is that it "straddles" as you wait for more blocks to drop down and you have no more moves. My suggestion is to find a workaround to keep that flow going, and keep the player distracted as they wait for more blocks to drop down. Perhaps an additional objective, a game within a game?

Otherwise, nice job!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

I tried sneaking a dress-up game in here, but I kind of ran out of screen space... sorry.... but glad you liked the rest :D

Very addictive and fun game!

This is a must play game. Very interactive and challenging later on. The only thing I would suggest is more music besides the 2 or 3 which were playing, otherwise this is a very solid game.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Sound is always something people love or hate... I tried giving some variety without sacrificing too much filesize. Thanks for playing

Unique Game!

This was quite fun, such a great concept and so well brought through with a nice enviorment for the game.

The graphics were good, sound was nice and it was easy to pick up on. Good job!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

that's what I like to hear.... that and "free beer".

Nice game

It was very creative, I liked it a lot. However, in addition to having the blocks drop down on a timed basis, you should also allow people to drop them manually, otherwise the game progresses too slowly. Also, the music simply did not play for me on a few levels, but maybe that's just my computer or something. But overall, great job.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

not a bad idea... maybe if I do a sequal. I did make sure to have it auto-drop if you get less than ten blocks because I HATED wating for blocks to fall when there was nothing left to blow up.