Reviews for "Obversity"

Slow near the end.

I found that, after playing each round for 15 seconds, I reached an "endgame" mode in which I couldn't get huge combos and was waiting for the lines to fall.
The levels didn't really get harder, just longer.
If you could add in some difficulty and make it so that the endgame isn't 10 times the length of the fun part, it'd be aeons better.


It's not that I don't like this game, it has potential. But... This game (which started SO simple), was never made to be this "futuristic". It's a disgrace.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

what the hell are you talking about? This game started out as... this game... and being the one who made it, I'm pretty sure it was in fact made to be this 'futuristic'.


Very good game. There are very few games that hold my interest on NG but this is definately one of them. It's simplicity and adaptation of a tried and tested formula is it's genius, great stuff.

Pretty Challenging!

Hey that was pretty hard, didn't even make it throuhg the first level (yeah I suck I know)! Anyway, great job on it!


A moderation of classic breakdown. I love breakdown. I love this.