Reviews for "Obversity"


just wish the blocks would slide together to close up gaps... other than that its a great game exellently done

A mind-numbing time waster

A thoroughly mind-numbing way to waste time. Good job! ;-)

(I'll bet you thought I meant that in a _bad_ way, didn't you? <G>)

Solid Game

Was a good game. Not my favourite genre, but I enjoyed it at least 10 minutes. ;)


I thought it was fun. I liked the music and the fact that it wasnt just another collapse rip off, it was different and I liked it.

Good game.

It's a great game, pretty easy to learn and easy to play once you get the hang of it. The music kept me playing too, if there's no or bad music I most of the time quit after the first two levels or so, in this one I completed it to level 10 before I stopped. =P