Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"


I thougt russians where cacatalistic too?

well that was........................ .

yea that man at the ending is right i dont get it doesnt make any sense world peace is good end of starvation is also good dont understand this stuff and why does a russian got a german accent?

It was good

I like the cartoon.

and people seem to know nothing about Karl Marx. He was born in Prussia in the 1800s people, geez its as easy as wikipedia...

The funny thing is

GERMANS HATE COMMUNISM! I'm not trying to put down your cartoon just saying that WWII Germany was facist and Karl Marx, believe it or not, was American. Germany hated Russia and broke their peace agreament because Russia was communist. Now that the history lesson is over I give this cartoon an 8 becuase it had some laughs but wasn't as good as the first.


Why does Karl Marx have a German accent?
Admittedly the idea of zombie communists is a funny one.