Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"

incredible, I nearly died laughing.

Thank god, being born a little bit before the 80's I thought I was alone on this site. But good god, that "greatest american hero" reference was awesome. I hadnt even thought of that show in a decade. Also, for thos e of us that are keen watchers will love the View Askew cheap references (For those that dont know, view askew does the "Clerks" (famous for jay and silent bob) series)

Excellent work, keept it up!


Exellent !!!

unbelievably good !.....

Absolutely hi-larious

Seriously, that's some funny shizzit

Everything was great

Only that "Da" is "yes" in Russian not "ja" :P

captcapitalism responds:

I think this brings the count up to something like 25...

lol..loved it!

Graphics are awesome sound is geat lol, nice job, lol and it was pretty funneh too, good job !