Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"

another good one

frreakin funny

haha, really good

really nicely done:P "i saw commies kiss santa claus" Hilarious^^

Yeah! This is getting good!

This is just the flash series that you needed to add to your growing Captain Capitalism collection! Rest assured, this series that you have started is going to be great.
I would actually like to see a hot, caped, female superhero in the next episode if there is going to be a bunch of communist zombies trying to take over the world or something. You could make that girl in the dressing room the Captain Capitalism "encounters" a superhero also. Adding another attractive superhero amongst the communist zombies will make the next episode even better and a little brighter. ;-) Having someone else helping Captain Capitalism will also add more action.
I'll be looking forward to the next episode. Good luck producing it! ;-)


I love your style and talent, but you put an undead Fidel Castro at the end, and I find that offensive beacuse im Cuban. But anyways, thats a damn good movie!

Guy below me .

you defenently dont known a history Carl Marks is a german who creadet the comunizm with Engelson. In soviet The people studied German becauze Marks Is A german