Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"

Good fun, funny... good.

Nice. The mask gag was great.

AND theta4, he meant the greatest american hero gag.
I suppose this right here proves his point.


Wow, great job! It's hilarious!

BUT THERE'S ONE FATAL FLAW: I was born after '82, and I understand the whole communism/capitalism thing. (Special thanks goes to my World Studies class for that).

That was good.

The evil villan was right about the true meaning of christmas! But i guess hes still evil.

The best!

Well,sir!You are one of the best painters I have ever seen so far...I can see you can do very cool things on this...If I was so talanted like you I was going to make animations but in more professional programs like...toon boom and other pixar..... you just got talant and you better search for goot company like walt disney and Pixar they are searching for guys like you!GOOD LUCK!I wish you the best!!!

standing ovation

The Greatest American Hero - that was clever -- I was born in '74.

You're cartoons are of the highest standard. Keep up the good work.

I liked how Marx takes off the mask to reveal himself looking like the mask.