Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"

Go captain capatalism!

Very good, clueless for words... or maybe i just don't feel like it...


Pretty fun.. I didnt know he was german. But thanks for pointing that out bishamon1.
Now i know something new.. and guess what? YOu can learn from these websites. yay. Good show great animation and voice acting. very professional.


Seriously, how many reviews said that Karl Marx was Russian and complained about the German accent. People I'm sorry but he was German, don't cry over it.

nice.. BUT:

Santa/marx speaks german.. marx was russian.. the difference in the accents really bugs me.. nice animation though

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
That was a pretty good movie, a funny satire of superheroes and super villains. The art was very impressive in this, especially the very detailed facial expressions. The jokes were pretty funny too, like "Your red suit gives it away" made me laugh. Very good movie, can't wait to see the next episode.

^^Needs Improving^^
Seemed a little short to me, hopefully more will be revealed soon enough.