Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"

Good but WRONG

Yeah, very good. Animation is good, the stroy is cool but I'd just like to mention that Cal Marks was English, not Russian, English. I'm glad George Bush didn't notice or I would be made to eat daily rations.


Umm, Strawberry guy, that's terribly wrong.

Karl Marx redefined Socialism, but he came around years after the idea first came out. He and Engels created modern day Communism. Lenin was just leader of the Bolsheviks and wrote his own theories, thus Lenin-Marxism.

But anyway, this ROCKS!!!!


THIS KILLS ME. This was so funny. Keep it up!

jolly good.

good show.
Starpun, Karl Marx, the founder of SOCIALISM, not communism, was German.
The founder of communism was Vladimir Lenin.

That was a lil dull

It was kinda slow but the animation was incredible. Also the retard below me is should really stfu. Communism is fucken bs and lets the goverment take over slowly which leads to shit like a dictatorship.