Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"


the only real problem is the fact that u are mixing 2 totally different cultures in this. german and russian cultures are NOT anywere near being the same. u have a supposedly russian guy speaking german. Germany has never had a communist gov. (except for east Germany). Germany is a Socialist country.but w/e. its a movie right>? and a pretty damned funny one at that. so the whole mix up with the cultures didnt factor in to your perfect 10/10 score. good job and keep it up. ich kampfe kultur.


Something about it just screams.. 'Powdered Toast Man!'

I like it.

Content may be questionable to some (heh, politics, what can you do?) I enjoyed it a lot and the art work and the overall visual style I find to be just absolutely amazing. Quality flash, thumbs up.


You've got great humor, and a great mind. Only one problem.
Karl Marx actually wanted freedom to the workers, along with his communist ideas. I'm not saying communism is a good government, but Karl Marx actually would hate what communism turned into.

captcapitalism responds:

It's a cartoon, sir.

Good job!

It was really good! I can't say much more about it, but I liked it!