Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"


Loved this movie, adding it to my faves.

why, oh why

Awesome movie, but why does the communist have an Austrian accent? Shouldn't it be more Russian?

captcapitalism responds:

Karl Marx was German...please read the other reviews. Not all communists are Russian.


Yup, good jokes, funny humour, but who was the heroe they kidknapped, lol. as for the guy before me, it's a joke, none of this fight communism is serious,


Why are you Americans so afraid of communists? As a Canadian atheist, I'm not afraid of communists, I'm afraid of conservative religious bigots. But anyway, the animation is incredible. Excellent artwork. Nice voicework. Thumbs up.

Nice job

Its cool how you made it like an, old classic cartoon. Christmas has become a bit too materialistic, but it does stimulate the economy and you can't give gifts without someone receiving. A goo philosophy would be to let people celebrate christmas however they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.