Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

what the fuck you 00


just bad

there's invisible shit that I get the power to see 1 second before they nuke me? WHAT THE FUCK!

This is pretty good but not very star craft-ish

This game is whatever i mean its cool cuz its star craft and all but just a tower defence ehhh try to make a better flash


u need to use the spells to get more money the buy a sunken it mite take u a little to get the money but just use the spells wisely o and for the code for the secrets it 031995 u need to go to secrets go to bottem right corner the keep clicking


the game is a joke its too damn hard to do anything due to the slow recharge rate 2 lvl 1 marines can obliterate the base without any trouble what so ever and you earn money way too slow...in short its pathetic and stupid