Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

Good game

its good but takes to long to recharge :(

Requires Balancing

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Very nice effort! Presentation is excellent (albeit, stolen from starcraft), the game has a relatively polished feel, unfortunately UI is lacking a bit in usability (switching between powers and building mode during a level), and the difficulty may need to be balanced a bit (or difficulty options).

I can see the potential for deep game mechanics even without progressing very far. Unfortunately I only got so far as unlocking the third tower (I was overwhelmed by the blue marines). I am not new to tower def, but it seems to me that the game is designed, at least in the early stages, with a very specific strategy expected from the player in order to survive - this unfortunately results in a lack of viable strategies and a lot of trial and error.

Talking of viable strategies, I found the limited 4 slots for towers to be an interesting design choice. Why only 4? Perhaps you gain access to more later on? With more tower slots, the strategy a player can employ would be greatly increased. This gives them, amongst others, a choice of selling and buying a better tower or saving and buying at a later time etc.

Another concern is progression. A little bit of extra xp might help to keep those with lesser patience / time to try this game a bit longer.

For those looking for a good quality and deep defense game that will last hours, you will likely find this refreshing and challenging. However, the "casual casual" audience will probably have their patience tested here and leave frustrated.

Not the best defence game ever

Try harder.

"Starcraft" is misleading

If by "Starcraft" you mean using the same sprites and sounds, then I suppose this fits, but this game bears very little resemblance to SC. None of the actual buildings functions, besides sunkens and perhaps infested terrans, show similarity to the original game... come on... spore colonies hitting ground? As far as I know this was made by somebody who has never played Starcraft.

The difficulty ramps up far too harshly and resource management is a bit of a pain. The four goliaths in the 3rd level are a ridiculous leap from the marines, especially when each of them has about 3-4 times the health of a marine. After a few continues, better management of 3 sunkens, still faced with slow recharge of the "smite" I didn't feel like replaying through again to pass that level.

I respect the homage to the original game but I don't consider it much of a tribute if it changes the game beyond recognition. There's a reason why SC and WC UMS games basically started Tower Defense- because they got the concept down beautifully. You know what would be awesome? Sunken Defense without having to reinstall SC.

Good job with graphics and sounds though.

good game

its a great game, but recharging energy takes way to long.