Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

game to hard

you need to check your game again. when you get to wave 13 where you fight the first battlecruiser it's impossible to kill it. the wave chances. the difilier can only shot once and that's it. then to much mobs are with the cruiser. also you need to slow down the cruiser's attack. it's way to fast. the difilier can't even recharge. i've been trying to beat it but it's IMPOSSIBLE. also you need to increase the energy regen. it's to hard to gain exp and nerf the blue marines. if you take my advise other players should have a much easier time and most importantly much more fun. good job with the game too.

to hard

the games learning curve is just to hard. u have to repla almost every level after 4

Quite a swell game... but

Its too easy to die, and I don't mean from the ghosts, because after seeing what people have mostly been complaining about, ill tell you how you guys may be messing up, its either:
A: once you got your first defence, you utterly relied on your defences, and didn't give a crap about using smite to level
B: you only used smite enough to get more defences
C: you just suck misserably
Anyways, the game flows fine to me, although its those second terran marines that really got me, their health seemed way too big to be marines >,<
although, then again, both of my middle towers were spores...
Okay, so in my sence, game is good, a bit slow, but other than that no other real problems

Not Bad

I found a few things to be a little too difficult, and the tower AI sometimes picks the worst units to attack :( but over all it's a pretty good game ^^ I've enjoyed it.

I've never been stopped by the nuke so I'm not sure why people are complaining about it being too soon...

I'll give it an 8 because I love sc bw :)

Good idea

Good idea for starcraft fans but this has got to be the only game i have played in my life where it takes forever to level. If you fix the difficulty and make lvl faster it will be good. Difficulty as in its too easy after you get your defense up. I pretty much just left my labtop to get something to drink. I didn't have to do anything anymore. And then you put out an impossible feat right before you are able to level. How can i see the ghost if I am not able to level to see it? Or is there just something i am not understanding about finding the ghost. I gave it a 2 cuz it was a good idea but thats about it.