Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

Yeah, this is going to sound whiney, but it seemed a bit too complicated. I like your other games where you just smash things into each other. I am not that familiar with the StarCraft game. I have in fact seen gameplays and it is quite authentic to the original style. I think the effects are done quite well. The best part is probably the little things you click on.

I understand that a lot of people like these kinds of games. It's nice to have a good layout. I imagine the sounds are authentic to the game as well. It's weird how this is so popular in South Korea. Just another culture, I guess.

This game is FANTASTIC! It was the #1 tower defense game for ages and ages for a reason. I still play this game, nearly 5 years after its release. As with anything on the internet, stupidity and ignorance leads to anger. If you read the reviews EVERY SINGLE PERSON that gives this game a negative review say "it's too hard." ROFL! Yes, I get stuck on level 15, but these people are stuck on level 2 and 4. Wow.... just....wow. Now I see whenever a major selling game comes out there's usually a "walkthru" book for $15 that comes out at the same time. Sooo many people are just plain stupid, weak-minded, and Neanderthalic. Those chumps usually "hate" that which is too difficult for their feeble minds. It's a predictable instinct with the mouth breathers.
Now, all that said, this game wasn't meant to be a "build and watch" defense game, like so many are. There are "figure out the puzzle" strategies to employ. If you get stuck on a level before level 15, and you really can't beat it no matter how many times you try, I'm doubting you have a college degree. Please, if that is you, don't reproduce, and quit spreading your vitriol on the interwebz.

This is an Awesome game! The difficulty is very much like the real game but in a fun tower defense way. After level 4, it gets a bit tough but I think level 10 is pretty hard so far. And being quick with the True Sight makes the nukes easy. Thanks for making this! :)

This game has some great design and music, but falls short of it's potential.

This may be a personal opinion, but when I consider a "strategy game", I interpret that as a game that has a few ways that it can be beaten, while none of them are necessarily "required". In most tower defense games, you can mix and match towers for flavour, and can find ones that make your life easier, but there is no set "required" combination to win. By this definition, the game is incredibly linear. You need -every- experience point you can get to scrounge for level-ups, the cash is unbalanced as you have more than you can use for the first few levels after getting the maximum number of sunken colonies. The game felt almost like a puzzle game more than strategy, as if there's a specific way to win each level that you -have- to follow, else you'll die.

What really killed this game for me, however, were the nukes. Trying to locate the ghost in time for the nuke to fall was just ludicrous.

Consider this. After being unable to pass the first nuke level from multiple attempts, I tried playing a hacked version of this game so I could see more of the game's content. However, even using a version of the game with -unlimited health, energy, money, and boosted experience-, I was unable to get past the first level where the suicide tanks appear. Why is this? Again, due to the ghosts.

I've played -many- different games in my time, and have tower defense games as a personal favorite, but this was far too broken to enjoy. Using true sight, every area attack I could, and bringing the discharge ability over every possible hiding spot, I was still killed by a ghost's nuke.

When you've made a game that's unplayable even with the cheats enabled, I think it's time to take another look at what you're working on here.

+ Good visual appeal
+ Fitting sound
+ Good sound effects

- No real "strategy"
- Ghost's nukes break the game
- Balance could use some work. (Energy regen, tower usability, etc. Can't fully rate the balance since playing normally was impossible past first ghost.)

Overall Rating - 4/10

wow was lvl 1 and was nuke