Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

Crazy Addictive!

I love this game! I haven't seen any of the StarCrafts in about ten years and just happened to stumble across this one! AWESOME! I am pumped... sleepless nights and showerless funk here I come!

dude, wtf with the bomb?!

dude, thats so frigging jacked up


haven't seen this game(starcraft) since it lost to WoW,u tke 2 games and splice them into one!

Good Game, though not perfect

First off, I enjoyed the game, and even much so: The effort you've put into it is considerable, and the outcome is certainly one of the best tributes to SC here on Newgrounds. Besides, it's arguably the best TD game on this site, too (and yes, you CAN actually beat it, it's just very difficult)

Now, the fact that it's the best doesn't mean you created a perfect game, it just means that out of all games of this category, yours is better then all others, which isn't surprising, looking at the rest.

I don't understand why you are so much against different difficulty levels...it would not make the game *too easy*, since you could still play it on the *normal* mode if you wanted to. Same thing about hotkeys: you don't need to use hotkeys, but for those that have problems it would surely make the game a little less frustrating then it sometimes can be right now, if you have to switch through your abilities clicking them and losing time that you often just don't have... (and hotkeys wouldn't even be difficult to implement, either, so it's even more incomprehensible why you don't want too...)

So, in the End, you made it to create the best defense game (and it still is), but don't be too arrogant to say that it's perfect, for it is not. There are ways to improve it, like it or not...

Best and addictive

I am waiting for this time on my life and it happened.This makes this website good.