Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"


This game owns! Its the best starcraft flash game ever made!

needs a lot of work

the recharge time is amazingly slow. i was on wave two and had only one spore colony, and i was overrun with at least 20 on screen enemys. i didnt stand a chance. i was very frustrating to play. focus more on some of the basic things (builing, maybe adding in a resource pool or something, and definately improve the combat system as in recharge time and leveling up.). looks great though graphically.


i love this =D

Very good, but.

Very cool game, I like how you have a lot of the original sounds and songs from the game. But, why would you change the game around for the buildings we grew up for new abilities?

Not even close...

Energy regen and exp gain are far too slow. And what was up with nuking the base before you even reach level 2? Didn't stand a chance. This game is far too difficult in the beginning stages. And one other tip: start the game on the "powers" tab, I had to click around forever to figure out how to even kill the first enemies.