Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

its fun...but

its really difficult, and impossible at some points...

a decent amount of decenness

some what overthought.. need to spend more time on developing the basic mechanics of the game in stead of aesthetics

lvl 8 wtf

ok, first off. Theres the bomb truck, which is fine. If you remember to keep energy back to use that lvl 3 power, its fine.
But then theres a nuclear strike and theres no indication of possible hiding spots! how the fuck are we supposed to find it in time? get lucky?
When you start adding luck to a strategy game, you suck.


Nothing to do but just DIE! No way of showing exactly where the defensive systems are and the powers run out of energy too fast and you can barely hit them, I'll have to say this just SUCKS!


I don't understand that ridiculous difficulty.
Seriously, I wasn't even able to level just ONCE.
Yeah. Im stuck on level 4.
Even though I know, that others may have made it, it should be more casual.
I was like shitting my pants when there was a group goliaths approaching.
Maybe I'm just to lowskilled for this, but it's also possible, that it's just too difficult.
I hope for a better sequel though.
Maybe with a difficult setting or something similar.