Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

Bad game

I can't see the ghosts. my overmind is working as hard as he can to get to some level where he can see the ghosts. not happening.

Nice Try!

I wouldnt say it was the best but atleast it wasnt bad kepp on working on it you'll get there eventually!

not good...for jumpy people

i liked the gameplay, the mp was fair, a little hard to manage, but good. The "secret maze" to unlock secret 4 is not good, since i am very jumpy and i happen to be paranoid, and the last thing i need is a weird ugly bastard appearing on the screen while i try to work out an increasingly hard maze in which i need to investigate in order to find a way where i can find the RIGHT way. I belive you should fix it, should you find the time, it would help with reveiws and gain you more players. I can see that your reviews are varying from "10, Tat waz gr8 man!' to the "0 i got nuked at lvl 2, make lvl up faster yew N00b!" both i find quite annoying, considering you took thetime to make this game. please message me when possible.

Not good...

...because I was nuked before overmind is level 2. That's definitely NO STARCRAFT GAME!

Try another type of games ;)

lame D:

i got nuked before i even got to lvl. 2 on my over mind. one tip for ya,make leveling faster you nOOb.